Custom Wood Print Gifts by Chitrachaya

Custom Wood Print Gifts by Chitrachaya

Get best Wood Print Gifts for any Occasion from Chitrachaya

Wood prints are the latest rage in the interior and exterior designing markets. They are a popular choice for aesthetic accessories to use in your dream house, office, or just about any other space. 

As the name itself suggests, wood print is authentic wood-based products that can be used as wall art in the form of beautiful aesthetic wooden caricatures ranging from portraits to landscapes and more.

On that note, our team at Chitrachaya would like to give you the opportunity to introduce yourselves to our most sought-after and popular collection of custom wood print available at prices that are not only affordable but also budget-friendly. They add the perfect finishing touch to your dream space.

Nonetheless, before going into more detail about our ever-growing and expanding collection of custom wood print, allow us to answer a few of your FAQs or most frequently asked questions. The first being, how can we guarantee the uniqueness of the product? The answer to that is really simple. All our merchandise including the nameplates is based and made on high quality and durable wood. Our team then uses exclusive technology for infusing the ink with wood, creating exemplary pieces. The difference in wood grain pattern and the peculiarity of the same ensures the exclusivity of each print and engraving.

Another advantage we have on others is the availability of customizations.

Our exclusive laser-based ink infusing technology allows us to fulfill your every need and want and more, at the most pocket-friendly prices possible.

wood print

However, without further ado allow me to present a few samples from our ever-growingly popular range of custom wood prints below.

1. 5x7 custom wood print

This design and configuration are one of the most popular of our collection. It is the perfect wooden caricature for your desk or nightstand. They are ideal for pictures and motivational quotes, however versatile enough to accommodate just about any kind of customizations.

2. 8×7 Custom Hexagon Wood Print

This is another high-demand sample from our collection, it’s unique dimensions and the shape as the name suggests are the reason behind its huge success. It is the ideal choice for your story, after all, a picture says a thousand words. It can be used in groups of threes and fours or as a single piece but is guaranteed to be the perfect aesthetically pleasing piece to complete professional and/or personal spaces.  

3. 12×8 Custom Wood Print

Another perfect sample from our expanding collection, ideal for adding the missing aesthetic completing touch or accessory that every space needs. Like all our other pieces, it can also be customised easily to fit your individualistic interests, and don’t forget the guaranteed uniqueness.

Loved the samples and want to see more, or maybe even buy a few pieces? Well, what are you waiting for? Check out the range of our products at

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