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Wood prints ?

Wood prints are trending the design market and have grabbed an important position in the interior and exterior home designs. In addition to your homes, these wood prints can be used to decorate your workplaces, offices or classrooms in a very elegant and stylish manner. Wood prints are available in various designs and can also be customised according to your choice.

The wood prints, available with Chitrachaya are manufactured with superb designs and amazing wood quality. The wood quality used for our wood print gifts are the best and give your wood prints and their graphics long lasting lives. These woods prints have especially been designed under our professionals. These professionally designed wood prints are made to last in every weather condition. Bet it heat, rain or storm; our wood prints can stand it all.

Customisation ?

These wood prints have been designed for your usage only indoors.  These woods prints can have your photos or the designs that you have been loving for long. You can have your favourite sceneries printed on the best quality wooden surfaces or you might want to have the favourite typography on your wooden print. We, at Chitrachaya give you the options of designing your wood prints your way in any design/picture/scenery that you might want to have.

If you don’t have a customization plan in your mind, worry not! We have got it all sorted and designed for you. Even if you have no design plans, our designers and creatives have made the wood prints with amazing design options that will make you fall in love with its beauty all over again. We let you choose from our range of various designs that are more than satisfying. You don’t need to have a customised design for yourself.

What we offer ?

Here are a few specialities that we offer along with our high-quality wood prints. You can get your wood prints with superb features as mentioned below. A few requirements like hanging and stands are also taken care of by the team.

We provide wood prints with:

  1. Custom Wood Prints in Your Favourite Size and Format
  2. Four Piece Wood prints
  3. Single Piece Wood prints
  4. Three Wood Print Panels
  5. Thickness of the Frames
  6. Hanging Options
  7. Image Resolution and DPI for Printing

Shop with Chitrachaya for the best quality products and gifts in the form of wood prints.

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