Personalised anniversary gifts celebrating your person…

Personalised anniversary gifts celebrating your person…

Personalised Anniversary Gift by ChitraChaya!

Anniversaries are extremely personal and memorable events celebrating love and camaraderie between people and relationships. They are a symbol and representation of the same as well as the strength of the relationship that has developed over the years and stood the tests of time.

Whether it is celebrating weddings, friendships, or any other relationships, we at Chitrachaya believe that every relationship in itself is unique and special, and what better way to celebrate the same than a personalised gift for your loved one? On that note, allow us to introduce our wide range of personalised anniversary gift at reasonable prices, catering to your every need and want. Our products ranging from ‘story of our life’ to ‘stars above us’ and many more, aim at catering to the uniqueness and celebrating each individual relationship.


One of the most often questions asked is why choose a custom gift over the other tried and tested options like a dinner? We, at Chitrachaya, believe diamonds may be the way to a girl’s heart but a personalised anniversary gift is a way to their heart and soul, as the personal touch, effort, and concern involved in creating such a present adds a distinctive and special quality, which can’t be explained in words, however, trumps any other generic tried and tested options one has.

Another quality that we pride ourselves in, is the guaranteed originality and exclusivity of each and every product. This is because all our merchandise is based and made on high quality and durable wood. Our team then uses exclusive technology for infusing the ink with wood, creating exemplary pieces. The difference in wood grain pattern and the peculiarity of the same ensures the exclusivity and originality of each print and engraving.

Our designers, have come up with a wide range of personalised anniversary gift styles and options to help you choose the perfect gift for your loved one on this special occasion, some of which have been listed below:

  1. Story of my life: - This is one our most popular and sought-after designs, aimed at making that special person in your life, including your BFF (best friend forever), realize the importance they hold in your life making it the perfect present for any occasion, especially an anniversary.
  2. You are my person: - Another exemplary idea by our team includes this design aimed at solely celebrating the individuality of your relationship and your person, making it one of the sweetest and most memorable gifts for any occasion.
  3. Stars above us: - This is another tremendously popular aims at mapping out the unique alignment of the stars on the night of your anniversary, adding another element of exclusivity to your special day.

Love these designs? Check out a wider variety of our designs of customized anniversary gifts and much more aimed at celebrating your love, strength, and relationships on our website - click here to explore the range of anniversary gifts!

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