Our bespoke wood prints look gorgeous customised with your photos or artwork.


Your image is printed with no white ink used, so any light or white areas will allow the wood colour to show through. If you print a black and white photo the result will be a sepia toned image. Our digital printing process actually penetrates the ink into the surface of the wood, so a permanent bond is created. As the wood takes on the ink, colours are given a naturalistic and slightly rustic finish, which will make your artwork or photos truly standout. Every piece is unique with an individual grain and ridge pattern, like a fingerprint. We cannot offer specific pieces per customer, but will always try to choose a piece that compliments your image. Our inks are not opaque so the grain and any natural patterns in the wood will show through your image.

Fewer things are more timeless and classic than an image strewn across sustainable and durable wood. Notice, some of the greatest creatives from some of the most antiquated centuries used wood for their artistry, and yet we're still able to enjoy them to this day. These are only a few reasons why wood prints are the perfect idea for a gift your loved one will cherish for years to come. Our Wood Print Collection is a fantastic way to get a lot out of your purchases this season. Create a selection of any of the one for a special someone, or grab and disperse to multiple family members and friends. The choice is yours! Grab yours at ChitraChaya, here.

Like we said, we have specialised a technique that infuses the ink into high quality imported wood. Each artwork is distinctive, and no two prints can be identical because of the uniqueness of the wood grain-pattern. We give variation in various sizes of wooden prints as 5”x7”, 6”x6”, 8”x8”, 8”x10”, 10”x10”, 12”x8”, 14”x11” and 18”x12”.

We, at ChitraChaya, are technical artists, converting your favourite photographs into life through ink infused wood, customized with love. The design team works at visualizing the right color and combinations, trying to give wings to your photographs to free them from the storage of your cameras.

Coming in various sizes, the wood is scratch resistant and can endure different temperatures.

We have specialized a technique which infuses the ink into high quality imported wood. Each artwork is unique, and no two prints are identical because of the uniqueness in the wood grains pattern.

ChitraChaya believes in living life by re-living the beautiful past and waiting for the lovely future. Hence, the pictures. After all, you give us memories, we give them life.

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