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  • Our prints are printed without any white ink. This means any light or white areas in your images
    retain more of the wood’s natural colour and allow the beautiful patterns of the wood to show
    through. The lighter the photo the more the wood will show. Because of the natural tone of birch
    wood, this will add some warmth to your photos.
  • Brighter pictures have their own hues, which come out effectively through our infusion medium
    and bring out the best grains too.
  • Each product comes with two options to be put up and showcased, a wooden stand to hold it in
    style and the nailing grooves aesthetically and geometrically engraved to suit your walls.

New Arrivals

Creating unique experiences with your photos is our goal. Wood printing add a natural aesthetic to your favorite photos. Prints result in vibrant colors retaining high quality without sacrificing clarity.

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