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Football Coasters

Football is one of the few most loved sports in the country domestically, as well as internationally. The lovers and followers of the sport seem to be multiplying by the minute and include all genders, ages, personalities and more. Football has actually become a global thread which has been bridging gaps, boundaries and differences between individuals by the common appreciation they have for the sport. 

Consequently, also creating a huge demand for football themed products,goodies and merchandise, ranging from common tshirts to expensive signed equipment. However, recently collectors and fans alike have started looking for a more unique and original approach to the memorabilia. Hence, our team at Chitrachaya, came up with the unique concept and collection of beautifully designed wooden football coasters.

The football coasters collection is composed of, ink infused and printed coasters along with laser cut wooden coasters, both of which are made from premium quality plywood and inspired from Football clubs. 

They depict the symbols of your favourite football clubs inclusive of both domestic as well as international and are the perfect addition to your football collection. Furthermore, when used they add the finishing touch to your kitchen and dining space while personalising it, as well as paying a well-deserved tribute and homage to the club as well as its players. Such qualities and intricacies of the football coasters also make it the perfect gift to a fan. 

Corporate Coasters

With the increase of competition in the markets both on a local scale as well as global, convincing new customers from the target audience(s) as well as retaining the previous ones has become increasingly difficult. Consequently, leading to the marketing and sales teams of corporate houses and businesses to come up with not only unique but also, creative solutions to the ever-growing problem. One of such solutions is corporate merchandise or corporate branded products. Such merchandise acts as a promotional tool and attracts new consumers by informing them about the company’s presence in the market. 

We at Chitrachaya, came up with a customizable beautiful wooden corporate coasters collection as an example of the same available at prices which are not only budget friendly but also reasonable. The coasters are available in two anger designing techniques i.e. ink infused and laser cut designs and like all of our product range manufactured on premium quality wood. The natural tone and warmth of the wood successfully creates an aesthetic and beautiful visual which is eye-catching and attractive to target consumers as well as any other individuals. 

The corporate coasters bought by our clients usually depict the symbol or logo of the corporate house and have been humongously successful in increasing and enlarging the consumer base of the previously mentioned corporate houses and businesses.