Point of Sale Signs Printed on Wood

We recently had the opportunity to create these Point of Sale Signs Printed on Wood for a upscale clothing store.  The small signs were CNC cut from 1/4″ birch plywood and UV printed to create high-quality point of sale signs printed on wood.  What makes our production process unique is our ability to print a variety of different images and designs on the same print size all at one time.  This really helps to eliminate lengthy setup times where multiple designs are required to be made which increases turnaround times while keeping costs down.  Out CNC and woodworking capabilities allow us to create one of kind sizes and prototype display setups all in-house, like the accompanying stand that was included with these point of sale signs.


No Job Too Big or Small

Point of Sale assemblage is extremely vital particularly to assist show your business customers what ar|you’re} merchandising or what things are on sale. whether or not ten signs or one thousand signs, we have the capabilities to assist you to produce distinctive and custom-purpose of sales signs written on the wood of any scale. we tend to ar a totally staffed print and CNC cut search set in Ocean town, MD and arable to facilitate together with your store assemblage wants. we provide in-house style services, material sourcing, printing on location, and shipping and fulfillment thus you’ll judge Plak That to assist you thru your project from beginning to complete