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The Perfect House Warming Gift from Chitrachaya

A house is one of the most personal and individualistic spaces a person has. The way your house is designed and maintained reflects directly on the personality of the person living in the space. They are thus, the perfect spaces to express your personality, perspectives, and more. 

Furthermore, buying your own house or getting your own place is one of the biggest milestones humans face in their lives as adults. Such a special occasion deserves an equally special celebration and present, but choosing a good house warming gift is very difficult and at times, nearly impossible.

Well, we at Chitrachaya understand and in an effort to aid you and help you out, would like to introduce you to our collection of some of the most popular custom wood-based house warming gifts, at the most pocket-friendly and reasonable prices possible.

But, before moving forward let us discuss, why you should choose Chitachaya? Let us start by assuring you that, all our merchandise is based and made on high quality and durable wood. Our team then uses exclusive technology for infusing the ink with wood, creating exemplary pieces. The difference in wood grain pattern and the peculiarity of the same ensures the exclusivity and originality of each print and engraving.

But, another frequently asked question by our customers is why customise? Well, a custom house warming gift, adds a certain personality and special touch to your gift, which cannot be explained in words. They are a unique and perfect way to express your feelings for the hosts.

Now without further delay, allow us to introduce you to some of the top of line custom house warming gift samples from ever-growing and expanding lines of merchandise.

house warming gift


1.Personalised | Best Friends

Well, many people come and go but there are very few who stay. This product sample is the perfect way of honouring, thanking, and congratulating those few who stayed and made your day better and life easier. They can be customized easily like all of our other products and are made on premium quality guaranteeing a long lifespan and durability with minimal maintenance requirements.


2. Personalised | Family Collage

This landscape collage makes the perfect housewarming gift for every family. It is ideal for preserving and cherishing those unforgettable memories you made together. As all our other products, it is also made from premium quality wood. Additionally, the warm feel of the wood only adds to the aesthetic presentation of the pictures and the product. 


3. Personalised | Couples Special

This product is another example of the perfect house warming gift for a couple. It adds a personal touch to their house and is ideal for cherishing that one memory that the picture depicts. Furthermore, with customizations catering to your every need and want, we couldn’t think of anything better.

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